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Blogger program

UPDATED : 06/08/2017 09.24 PM

Are you a fashion blogger? Do you want free clothes?Of course you do! Why am I even asking?

Well all you need to do it sign up to the YOINS Blogger Program and you could receive free clothes every month to review and write about.

Just email our YOINS Blogger Program Manager at to get you started on a journey of fashion discovery and, most importantly, FREE CLOTHES!


If you have more than 10,000 followers on any social network (Lookbook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter etc...) then you can take advantage of the YOINS Blogger Program. If you have more than 50,000 followers then you can receive cash as well as your free clothes!


Yoins may use your photos in promotional material

We may use your photos and comments on our social media networks. if it is available we will always link back to your blog to show where the images has come from.

For after-sale and other questions.

Provide pre-sales assistance.


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