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Size Guide

UPDATED : 08/02/2018 12.24 AM

Welcome to YOINS. Here are some tips to help you choose the right size on YOINS.

What is Size Reference?

This is International Size Conversions chart. You can convert between US, IT, UK, FR, AU, and others size systems with this. But some garments are different from this size reference chart due to the style and design. We suggest you refer to the following information too.

What are specific garments sizes?

The size of some garments are different from the Size reference chart. Just click the size button on each item page. The specific garments size will be shown.

How we measure the garments?

How to choose the right size?

①To find the correct size, first take your bust, hip and waist measurements, either in inches or in centimeters.

②We recommend you measure your body or the skirt, dress, bra, pants...you fit to confrim your size.

③Compare your body size and specific garments size (just click the size button) to choose the right size.

For after-sale and other questions.


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